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Marjorie Beck: Flawless Documents Editing and Proofreading Services

My business is Flawless Documents, and I help you be a better writer. Let me proofread and edit your academic, business, literary, and personal documents for flawless results. 

I am in love with the English language. I have two degrees in English, a lifetime of experience writing and editing, and a desire to help you make your writing the best it can be.

I help students, professionals, business people, authors, and any others who want to improve their writing. I've edited family histories, business and personal letters, college and graduate school application essays, class papers, memoirs, novels. I enjoy working with people whose native language is not English.

Mission Statement 

I edit and proofread your documents for flawless results.

About Me

My name is Marjorie Beck, I live in Eugene, Oregon, and I am in love with the English language. My business is Flawless Documents. I edit and proofread your academic, business, and personal documents for flawless results. 

I grew up in Oklahoma and have master's and bachelor's degrees in English from the University of Oklahoma. I came to Oregon in August 1974 on the day President Nixon resigned. So, I grew up a Boomer Sooner, and now I am a Duck.

My professional background is in English teaching in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania and municipal government administration in Pullman, Washington, and Eugene, Oregon. In retirement, I've chosen to go back to what I love best, working with the English language.

Since high school, I have written my own academic, business, and personal documents and edited those of others. I was my high school newspaper editor. In graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, I taught Introductory language and literature classes and helped freshmen with their essays. Later I helped a non-native English speaker with his Ph.D. dissertation. 

At a minimum, my services include proofreading and copy editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word use. If you feel your writing could use more help, I can content edit your document for you, as little or as much as you like.

If you would like to see some of my own writing, I invite you to visit my blog,

Educational Background

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Master of Arts

English Language and Literature/Letters


University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Bachelor of Science

Language Arts in Education


Personal Background

My life is not complete without companion animals. As a child, my animal companions were a cocker spaniel, a wire-haired terrier, a dachshund, a horned lizard (we called them horny toads in Oklahoma), two turtles, and a garter snake. Later on came six cats and five greyhounds.

Currently, I live with one cat, Toby, and two greyhounds, Lexi and Hamilton. Lexi, born 2009, is a retired racing greyhound; Hamilton, born 2017, did not race. Toby was a stray brought to  Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, Oregon, and we are not sure how old he is. My vet thinks he is about 10. Lexi and Hamilton were adopted from Homes for Hounds in Waldport, Oregon. 

I am a big fan of animal adoption. There are thousands of homeless animals of every kind right now waiting for a loving home.

I love music. I've been an amateur musician since I was five years old. I played piano as a child and took up the flute in 7th grade. I play flute with a community orchestra. I don't practice enough to be really good, but I get by.

I love nature. I've considered myself an environmentalist since my college days. I've had the privilege of rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon three times. It is one of the countless wonders of this fragile, beautiful, amazing planet we live on.  I believe we human beings have dreadfully mistreated this planet Earth, and I hope we can reverse our course and become better stewards to save it, but I also fear it may be too late.

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